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When you think e-commerce or online shopping, the behemoth that is Amazon is most people’s go-to website. For this very reason, you need to know about Amazon’s enhanced brand content.

Selling on Amazon is paramount for pretty much any brand — but how can one brand improve visibility and obtain traffic from competitors within the same vertical?

To explore how you can stand out on Amazon, learn what Amazon enhanced branded content is and take a look at examples for further inspiration.Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) has been rebranded as Amazon A+ Content, a premium feature in Seller Central that lets merchants add eye-catching visuals to product listings. With A+ Content, vendors can improve their product listings by including branded tales, high-quality lifestyle photos, in-action photography, and more. The listing’s conversion rate would rise as a result of this.


Amazon A+ Content, formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), is a premium feature in Seller Central that allows Amazon vendors or sellers to create visually engaging product listings. With A+ Content, sellers can add enhanced product descriptions, brand stories, high-quality lifestyle images, in-action shots, and more on the product listing. This would increase conversions of the listing.

Using various EBC modules, brands can describe the product features, USP, benefits, uses and specifications in a visually appealing way.

EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) or A+ Content provides sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry with the ability to enhance their product descriptions by incorporating images and strategically placed text. This powerful feature allows sellers to effectively communicate their brand story and showcase their products in a compelling way.

Benefits of adding EBC to your listing

  • Helps boost the conversion rate by 3-10% (according to Amazon)
  • Visually rich content appeals to shoppers better than a plain block of text
  • When created the right way, EBC gives shoppers all the information they need to make a purchase
  • Gives a branded and professional look to your listing

Amazon A+ content benefits

Your brand as a whole will benefit from your listing having A+ content, not just the thing you’re selling. 

Differentiating your products from the competition and effectively communicating your brand’s story to potential buyers is made possible by including captivating texts and photographs in the listing. 

Boost your success rate by 3-10%

According to Amazon, a product with A+ content can see a 5.6% increase in sales. If your standard, non-A+ listing converts 100 out of every 1000 visits (a conversion rate of 4%), upgrading to an A+ Content listing can increase that to 5.6% (an increase of 50-60 conversions per 1000 visitors). 

This means more sales and higher rankings with the same or reduced budget. 

For the slow-moving ASINs, it is important to realize that A+ content is not a magic pill to achieve more conversions.

However, when coupled with an optimized PPC campaign, it can begin producing higher conversion rates at a lower ACoS. 

Targets different types of shoppers

It’s possible that different customers who view your product listing will have varying tastes. 

There are those who like to know absolutely everything about a product before they buy it, while others are content to only glance over the features.

Including Amazon A+ Content on the listing is a great way to appeal to a wider range of buyers because of its adaptable and simple design. 

Your listing may serve both the detail-oriented customers who want to read every word and the more casual browsers who just want to get to the good stuff quickly by using techniques like bullet points and images. 

Boosts ratings and comments from clients.

With A+ Content, you may give a thorough breakdown of the product, complete with eye-catching visuals and data visualizations, so that the features and benefits are readily apparent to the reader. 

In turn, this increases consumer happiness and decreases the number of returns and poor ratings for the product.

Guidelines for Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon

For no cost, retailers can submit up to 20 products to Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content service. Per submission, you must give Amazon up to seven days to review the material before it is approved. Furthermore, as a fee-based system is anticipated to be introduced. it is suggested that merchants be early adopters with the product.

Since the EBC tool is currently only being made available to Brand Registered sellers (excluding categories like books and videos). in order to set up your products on the EBC tool, you must first register your brand on the Amazon Brand Registry.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Image Sizes

The required dimensions of your images will vary from one design to the next. If you’re using the first template, eight photos can be 300×650 pixels. You might also use the third template and upload two photographs with a combined resolution of 970×600 pixels.



For sellers and brands trying to make a splash in the cutthroat e-commerce market, Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) A+ on Amazon has been a game-changer. .EBC A+ also helps establish credibility for your brand among consumers. Customers are more inclined to buy from a company they believe in if their products are presented in a way that gives them the impression that they care about the quality of their work.SAECOM provides you the best services of Enhanced Brand Content A+.


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