A Fashion Trend Reigning In 2023 Chain Bags


Mini or maxi, a chain strap, an original or a classic buckle, here are the most beautiful Chain bags of the moment, to keep them cool this summer.

It’s time for a change of seasons in our dressing room. Because of the spring jacket skirt and sunglasses have become our daily wear. Therefore, the desire to buy a beautiful summer bag is more important than ever. Essential Accessories for a Successful Look There are endless options for modern handbags. This year’s trend is new. Bold prints, pastel colors, and pretty textures.

Which bag is for spring and summer 2023?

Cloth bag

In 2023 we prefer more woven models, pearls in Mango, grained leather in Bobby, patent leather in By Far, satin in Ganni, or even raffia in Destry – anything is possible if you aim for the most efficient materials!

Summer basket

At the first rays of the sun, we quickly show ourselves with a wicker basket, straw sack, or natural fiber sack on hand. Because if fashion is fun with trends he likes to do new things with old stuff too, which is why we look up to his classics. Display your favorite, original, mini, round, or with a shoulder strap.

Big chain bag:

This summer, bags still adorn the XXL series from several seasons ago, Bottega Veneta, the temple of handbags. Join the most wanted models. As a result, all women of fashion followed this movement, adding “thick chains” to fashionable bags. Not always practical, heavy, beautiful in the first place just enough to make your bag look like a jewel.

Net Bags

This season, the netting has been thrown around the dressing room. This is enough to keep this bag in demand. If the good old-fashioned web has arrived, transform this season with a luxurious leather or macrame effect.

2000s mini bag

The craze of the 90s and 2000s continues to affect leather enough to make you want to carry a small bag under your arm. With the return of the Fendi baguette this season, models are now curvier. Especially with small bags that are in high demand. We wouldn’t hesitate to play the old card to its fullest by dropping something worthy of Paris Hilton in The Simple Life.

XXL bag

After years of miniaturization, the bags are making a comeback and are being worn in maxi versions this season. The large bag converts into a handbag and allows you to carry your entire daily routine in style.

original bag:

This summer, the original is a must-have. We succumbed to the psychedelic prints on luxe bags like the Miyette and slipped into pearl-adorned mini bags. Or give in to engineering with a Maitrepierre-inspired square or round Playsation Controller bag to hang around the neck or wear like a banana. This bag plays with all the exotic elements. One thing is for sure. It was very difficult to focus on my everyday companions.

Summer Fashion:

Summer is coming and with it a change of wardrobe. A wrap-around coat with a comfy sweater and high socks for floral dresses, slip-on dresses, swimwear, and flat sandals. And sunglasses in the next few months a woman’s wardrobe becomes brighter and brighter for an airy and comfortable silhouette. A far cry from the gloomy winter clothes we used to wear when walking on the seashore and in the city. Essential accessories for a stylish look. There are bags for every occasion that fit every moment of our summer daily life, chunky chain style, mesh or basket, petite or XXL … This season, the trend is original and daring in emphasizing the figure with enormous lightness. It makes no sense to pay minimum wage for it while heading to our favorite affordable ready-to-wear brand, there is no shortage of deals in this case. And you can find stylish and trendy bags at low prices. The Spanish giant is full of nuggets that correspond to the times when we do not intend to deny ourselves shopping


It’s officially our favorite time of the year: new bag season! We assure you that this year the Sun struggles to make itself  known. Nor does the spring seem to want to point to the tip of the nose. But this will not prevent any self-respecting fashionista from buying a new bag!

And this year, we’ve watched a luxury bag with Spanish fashion brand Loewe’s lettering in everyone’s eye for years. Especially with amazing leather goods. Resort-style ready-to-wear, and of course, an incredible selection of stylish bags and accessories.

But if someone is interested, the only problem that makes a pretty picture a loser is the high price and the amount of money you have to pay for a Loewe bag. The cost of some Loewe models exceeds 3000 euros, which means that this purchase is far from impulsive! (Unless it says you come from a wealthy heiress family!)



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