GreenWay Intergy And Ambra Health EHR: Comparison

Two popular names offering resilient and intuitive medical tools and services are Greenway Intergy EHR software and Ambra Health software. Don’t know much about them? Fret not, for we have got this covered. Let’s explore why these merchants are different from other care platforms.  These days the healthcare industry is run by technological inventions. No provider likes to work in traditional care settings and opt for innovative medical solutions.  

What Sets Intergy EHR Apart?  

Aside from basic clinical services, there are many more impressive functional Intergy EHR features. For instance, Greenway Intergy EHR software offers charge capture services. Users cite in the reviews that Intergy EHR boasts a well-structured feature range to boost clinical effectiveness.   

Chronic Care Management  

Understanding the criticalities associated with at-risk patients, Intergy EHR features chronic care management service. It will empower you to conduct better diagnoses with crucial patient data in the palm of your hand. Also, it packs a team of expert healthcare coaches for your assistance. Besides that, the CCM module enhances patient outreach and improves care outcomes.  

Next-level Interoperability:  

You can experience the ability to share clinical data securely using the Intergy EHR software. The Intergy EHR features a best-in-class interoperability service, Greenway Engine. Improving the visibility into patient data, it unlocks the true potential of health information. By sharing data with expert consultants, you can gain real-time insights into patient health, making informed decisions.   

Intuitive Patient Information Management  

Handling hundreds of patient records per day is no easy feat. But, reviews share that Intergy EHR makes it possible with its innovative patient information management service. You can now manage records effortlessly with added convenience and accuracy. Greenway Intergy Health EHR includes services like importing photos for insurance cards, duplex card scanning, enhanced audit capabilities, etc.   

Definite Practice Analysis  

Gain control over your practice using the analytic services of Intergy EHR. Go for the demo of Intergy EHR to explore how effective this service is. You will get real-time actionable insights, getting ahead of the value-based care programs. Practice Analysis is one of the highly beneficial features of Intergy EHR. It ensures greater flexibility and increased profitability and leads to optimized cash flow.   

Pricing Details Of Intergy EHR   

Intergy EHR practices a quote-based pricing model. This is why you will not find its pricing plan on the web. However, it’s available upon request. Additionally, Intergy EHR provides all-inclusive pricing models. The Intergy EHR pricing structure includes maintenance costs, training services, customer support, and implementation fee. You should send a pricing quote to Intergy EHR to get customized plans built for your needs. 

The Demo 

It is easy to assess the services of Intergy EHR through its demo. The demo of Intergy EHR educates care professionals about its core elements so they can know how it works. The Intergy EHR demo is easy-to-understand and makes it convenient for medical professionals to get the hang of its services.  

What Sets Ambra Health EHR Apart? 

Ambra Health has many magic tricks rolled up its sleeves. This diverse imaging platform improves care standards by enhancing the viability of diagnostic reports. Ambra Health is rich in exclusive medical data and imaging management features and thus rules the care practices, especially the radiology departments. Some of the unparalleled features of Ambra Health are listed below: 

Image Uploading  

Allowing for uploading medical images to patient charts is what Ambra Health is good at. It lets you capture, upload and annotate images directly into the patient charts. It enhances the credibility of patient records allowing you to deliver optimized care. Of all the vendors in town, this one encompasses the best imaging management module so that you can have the best of both worlds.  

Patient Portal 

Ambra Health features an engaging patient portal. Its realistic patient portal directly pulls imaging results so patients can effortlessly access their radiology reports and more. As per the demo of Ambra Health, its patient portal is quite comprehensive, providing patients with instant data access and the ability to pay online. Your patients can even benefit from educational resources and imaging results to know their progress rate.  

Cloud VNA 

Designed on an interoperable infrastructure, Ambra Health features a Cloud Vendor Neutral Archive facility. This web-based service allows for viewing and sharing imaging data across the healthcare spectrum, thus boosting practices’ imaging potential. This interoperable service accommodates countless data types, elevates image accessibility, and customizes data flow.  


You can access images from anywhere using the solid ProViewer solution of Ambra Health software. It is a zero-footprint HTML5 DICOM viewer that assures instant access to critical imaging data. Supporting DICOM and non-DICOM imaging, Ambra Health EHRs, this tool packs viewing tools for imaging annotation. It can be integrated into PACS to enhance the collaborative approach.  

The Pricing 

The pricing model of Ambra Health is not disclosed publicly. The Ambra Heath software keeps its pricing structure hidden in attempts to beat its competitors. But you can request the pricing information by contacting the sales team of Ambra Health. According to our research, Ambra Health packs cost-effective pricing plans for simplistic imaging management.  

The Demo 

The demo of Ambra Health is very resourceful and appealing. The Ambra Health software showcases its skills to engage clinicians throughout its demo. You will also feel inclined toward the services of Ambra Health by exploring its demo. You should also set up a demo with Ambra Health to learn how it shapes the norms of care. It is the only way you can understand how implementing this solution can be of help.  

Intergy EHR Software vs Ambra Health EHR Software 

Ambra Health software is nothing like Intergy software. Greenway Intergy is a care-driven, comprehensive and feature-rich EHR software packing dozens of impeccable services to streamline clinical practices. Ambra Health is a medical data and imaging management platform whose specs revolve around imaging-related tools. It can be integrated with EHR vendors like Intergy software, but it doesn’t itself work like one. We hope this guide explains everything you wanted about these out-of-the-world systems.  

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