How to Tell the Best Packers and Movers from the Worst Ones

Are you looking for the best packers and movers? If yes, you must be. An experienced and well-trained professional is very much needed during a move to make it easy and hassle-free. If you want to do it on your own, well, you must be regretting it later. The simplest reason is that you have to deal with so many things while shifting. Doing it for the first time makes it even more demanding. And thus, at that time, only one thing can save you – an effective removal operator. So, to learn to find the most suitable movers in your locality, go through the following material. Get to know how to reach outstanding service providers in this blog. Let’s get going.

Recommendations from Indian Banks Association

If a service provider is part of the IBA empanelment service, he is the best removal company. IBA is short for Indian Banks Association. It is an apex body that presides over the affairs of the Indian Banking Sector. This association deals with several assigned tasks and responsibilities, inter alia. Its empanelment service enlists the most reputable transport operators on its website. These firms are pre-verified and legitimate.

You can access this list of recommendations through the internet. Search the web for IBA-recommended transport operators and that is all. You won’t have to pay any special fee as well. This is one of the simplest ways to reach the best firms. In other words, you can take this – being a part of this list – as a means to distinguish between the best and the worst. Always consult this list when you need movers or transporters.

Positive Opinions from Past Customers

Packers and movers in Pune who get supportive reviews from their clients are the most outstanding fellows in the market. This is so because suppose you are meeting someone for the first time. In that case, how do you find out if the company is reliable or not? You have no other alternative. You just have to go through feedback from past clients. And see if it is constructive or full of unsatisfying words or opinions. Positive reviews suggest that there is no need to worry. You would be better off if you hired this firm. So, always keep this in mind. It will help you reach the best guys as fast as possible.

By the way, there is one problem. Sometimes, you will find awesome reviews expressed by past customers for a particular moving company online. But it could be the case of fake feedback. Thus, beware of this potential danger. Strive to ensure that you only entertain genuine opinions. The only way to do so is by backtracking the history of the person who posted a piece of feedback in the first place. Get in touch with this person and have a discussion on the same matter. If it is in favour of the company, you can make your transaction.

Others’ Advice or Suggestions

Suppose your best friend has had enough shifting experiences in their day. And this guy tells you that if you need to shift, only hire a particular moving company called Fast Movers. In that case, you must act on your best friend’s suggestion because you trust him. You can succeed in hiring the most reliable mover in this way. Thus, others’ suggestions also help you reach outstanding shifting companies.

If you are the one with a big circle of friends and acquaintances, it is going to be a piece of cake. Just talk to as many people as possible. Talk to them about their shifting experiences. This will educate you on the matter immensely. And if someone knows about a trustworthy operator, they will let you know. In short, suppose a company receives referred customers 10 times more than any other fellow in the market. In that case, this company is the best option. To put it differently, a high number of loyal customers is also one of the factors that make a shifter the best.

Reputable and Famous Directories

There are tons of directory or broker services available on the internet. For example, you have justdial, service-bazaar, and other similar platforms. So, if packers and movers are part of such reputable directories, they are the best. This is how you tell the difference between the best and worst removal companies.

Incorporation and GSTIN

Another set of factors is as follows. It contains two crucial legal pieces of stuff. The first one is incorporation and the second one is GST registration. Both these registrations if proven to be genuine make a mover the most legitimate service provider.

A company is incorporated if its name is known to GOVT under its record as per the company registration act. Such a company often backs their incorporation through its registration number. In that case, you can verify the same by visiting the website of the concerned ministry. If you are able to access the details of that company through the provided registration number, it is legitimate. Otherwise, on the reception of an error or any unexpected results, it is not a valid company.

Furthermore, GSTIN is an identification number given to taxpayers by the GST Council. Every legitimate firm has got to have this number. It proves that they pay their taxes on a timely basis and they are registered under the GST regime. And it gives you a sense of honesty and trustworthiness.

High Competence in the Concerned Field

Whatever the case is, you cannot definitely stand a lack of experience. You need an experienced fellow so that he can ease the shifting process. Shifting is a challenging process in itself. Thus, high competence is required to easily sail through transportation, packing, moving, and everything. As a consequence, high experience or proficiency is one of the factors that set the best packers and movers apart.

No Advance Payments

Sometimes, you walk over to a professional service provider. There goes a decent conversation. You feel like you should hire this mover. And then suddenly, you get to face the following terms and conditions. Among other things, it is required that a client pays the service provider fully in advance. Well, if this has recently happened to you while searching for movers or packers, step back. These are the worst guys in the market. In short, don’t hire services from companies that make full advance payments compulsory.

(EIS) Electronic Invoicing System Generated Bills

Do you give any importance to bills? Yes, we are talking about a piece of paper that validates your transaction with another person – to be more precise, a seller. If you say, “Yes”, that is great. By the way, if you only want to deal with the best packers and movers, ensure the presence of EIS. It is a new way of providing bills to customers. So, through this advanced invoicing system as well, you can tell the difference between the best and the worst operators.

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